HR Structure Outsourcing

The Span of Our HR Structure Outsourcing Service.

Our Staff Management Services effectively relieves your organization from the stress that comes with the day to day HR operational management, enabling you to focus on the core activities of your business.

Your Key HR processes are effortlessly integrated to deliver an across-the-board staff management solution for our clients. 

Here we become your HR department effectively managing your staff to improve their performance

Staff Audit

During our Staff audit, we   Re-Audit all staff members to diagnose risk and
gain understanding of the HR issues with in the

We use surveys, questionnaires, and on-one interaction to gather data. This data is then analysed and a formal report presented.

Designing Organisation structure

Here we design /  re-design organizational structure of your company. This re-designing is focused on aligning all departments and job roles; build synergy ensure all activities are focused on achieving company goals. Here we

  • Design reporting lines
  • Design Organogram.
  • Prepare Job description of all role

Staff Re-documentation

This involves

  • Setting up and reviewing all employee files, ensuring all
    employees have the right employment document. This helps the company keep proper documents of all employees and protects the employees and company in the long run.
  • We also Customize HR forms and letters for
    staff administration

Background verification

Our background verification process allows us to get more personal information about both new and existing staff members. This helps protect the company against future risk, and gives us insights on the members of  staff we are hiring so we can make an informed decision

Company Policy Development and Update

Companies policy is the most important document in every organization. so we help you create about 90 employee policies, tailored to fit your business and help improve the performance of your employees. 

This plays a major role in shaping the right culture in your organization. 

Standard Operating Procedures

Here we understudy the company processes and ensure we create implementable process for all major processes in your organization. Here we will: 

  • Review and update all major processes
  • Creating new processes
  • E copy
  • Printed Documents

Performance Management

We help clients get the best out of their employees by implementing a well designed performance
management system that spurs them to achieve results by:

  • Identifying goals for each role and department
  • Developing KPI’s for all major roles.
  • Developing performance management process.

Training and Development

With the understand of what the management wants to achieve, the goals of the company and the Skills, competence and knowledge gap discovered from the staff audit, we design a bespoke training curriculum for your staff.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your HR Structuring to Us.

Recruiting Talented employees


Our Team Of HR Experts.

our team of HR experts and Consultants with cumulatively over 70 years HR experience in Core HR structure development for both local and international companies, will work on your business and develop a rock HR structure for your company.


Knowledge of the African market

With great knowledge of the market in Africa, we help setup a HR structure that makes your company globally competitive and locally relevant,



We help your employees achieve the right amount of results needed for business growth by creating the right work environment and training to take ownership of their job and become highly productive.


our fees are based on certain factors and variables. kindly click the contact us button to speak with with a HR  Consulatant


Most frequent questions and answers about our staff management service

The service will be rendered in person except you choose the virtual option. Once we sign the engagement contract and all final obligations honored, we get to work.

This is a 6 – 8 weeks project. Project is Completed with training. All documents handed over to the management and the HR department is fully setup.