This training is for business leaders e.g CEOs and Managers (Admin, HR, operations and supervisors) Who:  

  • Are focused on Achieving Business growth.
  • Wants their business to run and grow without being their everyday.
  • Desperately needs to build a high performing team.
  • Wants to build a properly structured business where your employees are constantly performing.
  • tired of babysitting employees just to achieve results.

No Company can grow beyond the level of its employees performance.

The major reason any business would hire employees is for each employee to so much achieve result that when you add it up, would lead to significant growth in your business.  

As a visionary leader, your job is to create the vision of the business, Develop   the right strategy, create a target for your employees and supervise their activities.

Paying salaries and other forms of compensation is an investment and your company can only get a good return on investment when your employees are higher performer.

Dear CEO, Is this you?

  • The team has majorly Poor performing employees who earn salaries and achieve little or no results.
  • You have employees but you still do most of the work.
  • Any day you don’t show up at work things get messed.
  • Your employees are unable to meet your set target.
  • Your employees do not take ownership of their  jobs.
  • Your business is located outside your state of residence.
  • You want to setup a new business or another location with want to get it right
  • Your business didn’t achieve its set target last year
  • Hiring and firing employees has not helped to  improve.
  • Your business is not growing as it should.
  • You cannot take a vacation because your employees poor performance can affect.
  • Your employees are under motivated
  • You hire a new vibrant team member and suddenly they become demotivated.

I present to you…….


This a two days workshop with a physical class for participant’s in Abuja and a live virtual class for participants outside Abuja.

In this workshop, we will be looking critically at your business, identifying and eliminating everything that encourages poor performance and establishing the right business structure that allows your business to run and grow without you being there everyday.

DAY 1: Virtual for all participants

Day 2: Physical class in Abuja and Live virtual for other locations


Read What Our Previous Attendees are saying:

The training was very practical. This is not motivational speech kind of training. it opened my eyes to a lot of things we were not doing well and we learnt the right way to do things. 

Now i know how to achieve more results and improve my performance

…Jacob Juliet.


As a manager whose performance is tied to the performance of my team.

I have learnt how to develop and implement the right performance management system for the company. I got practical knowledge with case studies relating to 

Grace is a guru, I recommend This training for every business Leader (manager, CEO, HR).

…Henry Akubata

This year already looks good as this training has helped to set us on the right path, helped us understand how our performance as an organization can be improved and how we can achieve business growth.

…. Mr Babatunde Keshiro


To be honest, average organizations do not know how to improve our business. I’ve learnt about managing my staff. We always allow familiarity which makes them not seriously.

I have gained a lot in delegating and strategizing. Now I know the way to delegate work and achieve results.

…Osibo Sade

Meet the Trainer

Grace Ikechukwu is HR consultant, Author and trainer.

Grace is a result driven HR professional with about 10 years experience with a forte in Recruitment, Training, developing customer service strategies, Business processes documentation and implementation. With proven record of success in all these areas.


Grace has helped the CEO’s and management team of several organizations hire and retain valuable employees, develop and implement, sales and marketing strategies, excellent customer service strategies, processes and also train their employees on sales and marketing to achieve high level results in sales, leading to significant business growth.


Grace has also worked with career professionals across Africa, helping them design profitable career paths and career development programs designed to enable them become world class professionals.

As an independent consultant, she has been fortunate to work with businesses and career professionals in the Nigerian Army, real estate, Petroleum, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, Fashion and general Services etc.

When she is not working on businesses, she interact with young career professionals and teenagers to help them gain clarity in their career, land their dream jobs and become great African leaders.

Workshop Content

Module 1


  • Staffing trends for 2022
  • The current Employee challenges your business is facing.
  • Employee performance and why you should be interested.
  • Mindset Reboot
  • Class Assignment 1

Module 2

The Role of a Business Leader (CEO & Managers)

  • The Job description of a business leader.
  • Creating realistic business strategies
  • Vision, mission, company goals, departmental goals and individual goals. 
  • Business Leadership 
  • How build an ownership mindset in your employees.
  • How to help your employees align their personal goals to the business goal. 
  • Result driven delegation.
  • Empowering your leaders and managers to lead.   
  • Class Assignment 2

Module 3

How to Hire High Performing Employees.

  • Developing a standard recruitment strategy.
  • The pre-hiring process
  • Your recruitment process
  • Interviewing the right way
  • Setting up and implementing the right Induction / Onboarding system.
  • Staff documentation and Re-documentation.
  • Video Case studies.
  •  Class Assignment 3

Module 4

Setting Up the Right HR Structure

  • Organizational structure and reporting lines
  • Developing Job profiles 
  • Designing Standard method of operations for major business activities
  • Developing employee policies that meets global standard
  • Making your company a choice place to work.
  • Establishing control measures that prevents waste and theft.
  • Setting up the right Organizational culture.
  • Class Assignment 4 & lots more

Module 5

Understanding Performance Management.

  • What is performance management
  • Performance management rating
  • How to spot high performers during an interview
  • Setting up KPIs
  • The 4 areas of performance management
  • Creating a culture of high performers
  • Class Assignments 5 and lots more

Module 6

Building a Performance Management System that Leads to Business Growth

  • Creating a performance management system
  • Staff performance improvement plan
  • Daily, monthly and Quarterly Performance management system
  • Maintaining and Improving employee performance
  • Business growth through performance management.
  • performance measurement structure
  • Employee policies athat supports performance management.
  • Class Assignment 6 and lots more


  • 90 employee policies templates worth N10,500
  • Staff Recruitment toolkit Worth N10,500
  • Performance management toolkit worth N30,000
  • Hire Smart ( Paper back). worth N7,500
  • Access to Soft skill training for 2 employees worth N50,000
  • Organizational culture check (eBook) worth N2,500
  • 4 hours pre-training activity worth N40,000
  • Refreshments
  • 4 weeks post training support N100,000

Early Bird Fee: N60,000

When you get in at the early bird fee, you save 3x your training fee


Payment Options

Single Seat Regular price: N80,000

Full payment for one seat, pay using the link below or via bank transfer

Pay to Tempkers Ltd 0250611774 GTB

Send proof of payment, Training method (virtual or physical), full name and phone number to info@tempkers.com

Double seat: Full payment

Make a one time payment of N150,000, for double seat.

Pair with / gift a friend or Colleague, Business partner or HR and Operations manager.

Pay to Tempkers Ltd 0250611774 GTB.

Send proof of payment, Training method (virtual or physical), full name and phone number to info@tempkers.com


Single Seat Installmental Payment:

Pay N40,000 Today and N40,000 on or before 20th Feb, 2022.

Pay to Tempkers Ltd 0250611774 GTB.

Send proof of payment, Training method (virtual or physical), full name and phone number to Info@tempkers.com

Double Seat : Installmemtal

Pay N100,000 today and N6o,ooo on or before 20th Febuary or double seat.

Pay to Tempkers Ltd 0250611774 GTB

Send proof of payment, Training method (virtual or physical), full name and phone number to info@tempkers.com

After This Workshop

  • Achieve your business goals for 2022 by improving the quality of your staff.
  • Develop the right company culture
  • Improve the productivity of your staff
  • Understand the leadership style that works for your business.
  • Learn How to Hire the retain valuable staff for your own business.
  • Create a Working Performance Management system that helps a company grow.
  • Create a business operations systems that flows.
  • Improve employees performance.
  • Evaluate your business opportunities
  • Start an effective succession planning program.
  • Getting new employees to understand the uniqueness of your business and start achieving results quickly.

More Reviews

One important thing i learnt from this training was when she said everything rises and falls on leadership. Your company grows or fails based on the leadership.

I learnt how to create performance management systems, How to monitor performance  daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

This is training is recommended for every SME

     …Adamu Shuaibu                         CEO Pavewood Ltd

I have been working with native knowledge in handling my staff and this has been limiting us. 

Coming to this training has been a light bulb moment. Some things which we have been doing well will be done better, a lot of things will change in our organization.

We will be sending our staff here to attend this training.

It was a fantastic session.

     …Dr Hafees Missa                        Firmcare Diagnostics

It was a time well spent with Tempkers Ltd. 

This training is highly recommended for every business that wants to achieve growth because we are in business to make profit where to achieve the goals we desire and are being interpreted correctly.

I would like to recommend this training for every organization.

     …Kelechi Erondu                       Elington Electric (Admin Officer)
Productivity and employee performance is something i have been clamoring to know more about. i saw a sponsored AD and decided to be a part of it because i have always wanted it and i know it will bring value to our company
Charles Obiukwu
CEO Ellington Electric
I got a lot of insights from this training on how to manage my business, Things i need to do, checklist. This training is for business owners to attend. It will teach you how to take control of your business, you will find out that there are things you need to put in place. I will encourage every business owner to attend this training.
Dr Chinasa
Vetlane Pet shop


You pay via transfer  to Tempkers Ltd 0250611774 GTB or click the REGISTER NOW button. Check the payment 

26th  February 2022

The physical training will hold in Abuja and live virtual for those outside Abuja. Training venue and links will be sent to registered participants

Yes we do. You pay N40,00 today and N40,000 on or before the 20th of Febuary.


This is training is designed for business leaders that are growth focused. It is going to be a small sized class of about 100 people. 

I will take time within these 2 days to look into your business, helping you create a system that encourages performance improvement.

Through our 4 weeks support sessions, you will consolidate and implement all you have learnt in class. I am going all out to help you grow but you must be ready to put in the work.