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 Recruitment and Placement 

Organizations keep looking at hiring good staffs as part of their growth strategy. The challenge is to get the appropriate alignment of workers aspirations with the directions of the organization. We create high-impact solutions to enhance the competitiveness of the organizations.

We help business owners and executives build a profitable organization by ensuring that they HIRE the right employees and retain them

Workforce Training

We bring you the innovative staffing solutions by providing capacity building and character training structures efficient enough to meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s world of work. We Ensure that  the systems and processes in place support the level of business growth they require.

Employee Management

Organizations keep looking at hiring good leaders as part of their growth strategy. The challenge is to get appropriate alignment of leader’s aspirations with the directions of the organization. Here we provide your employee with the necessary support to achieve results through goal setting, coaching, performance management.

Background Checks

A major reason to conduct background and reference checks is to avoid harm or legal liability of various types to the employer or to others. This includes harm to:

  • Other employees by sexual harassment or workplace violence.
  • The organization’s customers by, for example, sexual assault on business premises.
  • The public by negligent driving.
  • The employer’s business through financial loss or image and reputational issues.

 A multilevel jurisdictional criminal records search can be strong evidence that the employer exercised due care in hiring.


  • To help organizations achieve more by providing, promoting an innovative and productive workforce.

  • Provide the needed support to help African youths to grow their career, deliver value on the job, through effective educational training and career advice.

  •  Reduce the unemployment rate in Africa, while fostering business growth.


Become Africa’s leading HR consulting firm for small and medium Enterprise that constantly delivers a valuable talent to organizations.

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