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Job Description For Admin Officer

WHO IS AN ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER?  Administrative Officers provide administrative and clerical support to companies and organizations. They answer telephone calls, schedule meetings, prepare reports, and

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Job description


JOB DESCRIPTIONS Job Descriptions are summaries of job analysis findings that helps managers determine what an employee is supposed to do when onboard. The purpose of 

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Top 10 Employee Recruitment Tips

Employee Recruitment Tips

Top Employee Recruitment Tips Employees are the backbone of any successful business organization. Consequently, hiring new talents is becoming increasingly challenging. As every business organization is

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PROFESSIONAL ETIQUETTES Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Just as societal norms are considered as

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Pre-Employment Assessments Tests

Pre-Employment Assessment Tests Pre-employment assessment tests typically fall into two categories. The first area is skills assessments. These are tests that measure cognitive capabilities. They

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Relevant skills for job hunting

Relevant Skill For Job Hunting

7 Relevant Skills for Job Hunting 1. Emotional Intelligence: The Institute of Leadership & Management conducted some research into attributes of future leaders. They suggest motivation and

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