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Using technology and Our HR expertise, we ensure you get the best candidate available within 7-15 working days.

We Help You Hire Your Ideal Employee.


Our recruitment website is friendly and easy to use.


Hundreds of applications happen every minute.


You only get CVs that are relevant to your request.


You get details of all candidates who apply and you have access to their details forever.


Our services are top notch, confidential and professional.


We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Packages &


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Job Advert

This is an affordable means of hiring an employee.
  • We help you advertise your vacancy to our community of over 10,000 people.
  • You will get so many applications.
  • You get to keep all CVs and this helps you get a pipeline of candidates.

Basic E-Recruitment

With this service, our technology reduces this stress of screening so many CVs..
  • We help you advertise your vacancy to our community of over 10,000 people.
  • You will get so many applications.
  • Our Technology filters the applications and you get CVs of candidates that minimum criteria you require.

Quick Filter

Suitable for 0-2 years experience
  • Advertise your vacancy
  • Our technology filters the applications
  • We asses, interview and recommend 5 - 10 relevant people within 20 days
  • You get details of all the candidates who apply and you have access to them forever.
  • You hire the best talents on a budget.

Hire Smart

This is the smartest move to hiring . This package is ideal for professional roles with 3-5 years experience
  • We help you target the right candidates
  • We sort your applications.
  • We screen, asses, pre-interview to pick the most qualified
  • We make recommendations and shortlist 5 -10 people who are close fit within 15 days.
  • We send you a summary of all the candidates, highlighting their uniqueness and why we recommend them
  • You do the final interview and Hire whoever you choose

Perfect Fit

This executive hiring package is ideal for hiring Senior Officers & Managers (with experience level 5 years and above)
To be Determined
  • This is our executive recruitment package where our HR experts give you a confidential yet professional recruitment service.
  • We Screen , Access, pre-interview. Here we stay with you all through the process till you find your perfect fit.
  • This package also comes with a replacement contract where we are liable to replace any employee who walks away within their first 90 days of employment at no extra cost. T&C apply