When you hire the wrong employee, you are cheating your business.
Hiring the right people is critical for any business especially for a small company with relatively few employees.
Bringing in the wrong person not only not only wastes time and money. It also influences other employees with that bad attitude which in turn affects your business. Signs that shows you hired the wrong employee
  • Achieving little or no results
  • They are micro-managed
  • Punctuality is a problem
  • Exhibits a wrong attitude.
Most times we don’t realize we have made a bad hire until they have been hired. Thant means we may have lost time and money in the process.
Today I would share with you

Five reasons why you hire the wrong people

  1. You Hire in a hurry:

Most times when we are in a hurry to fill a vacant role, our sense of judgement is a blinded. There are lots of red flag we may or may not have noticed because our focus is to fill the role immediately.

2. Having a wrong interview process:

The interview stage is a very crucial part of every interview process. Every CEO who wants to hire talented employees must take the interview stage seriously. Having a wrong interview process starts from not properly preparing for the interview to asking the wrong questions that doesn’t really add value. CEOs and business executives must learn how to properly plan and execute an interview process. During an interview, you can use ask questions based on their duties, experience, competencies needed to achieve results on the job. You must also check how they fit into your company culture and the job role.
  1. You do not take note of attitude:

As much as a lot of employees would like to put their best food forward, their prevalent attitude would still find a way of showing up. You need to open your eyes and read the signs of their attitude and body language.

     4. Choosing nepotism over competence:

Nepotism is a form of discrimination in which family members or friends are hired for reasons that do not necessarily have anything to do with their experience, knowledge or skills. This happens in family-owned businesses, nonprofit organizations, small companies and the performing arts than in public-sector positions.
I have seen CEO who hire people not because they are competent but because they owe a favor to whoever’s recommended them or they are a family member. Another tactic of nepotism is to create job specs that are precisely tailored to the qualifications of only one person – the friend the employer wants to hire. When CEOs are only focused on hiring people even when they are incompetent, issues may arise in the long run. Competence should be placed above all other factors so when hiring an employee who was referred to you, the first thing to do is check their competence.
  1. Poor or No background checks:

    A background check is a scrutiny of an applicant or employee’s history based on specifications determined by their current or prospective employer. A background check usually covers the following but not limited to :
    • Academic Qualification Verification
    • Previous Employment Verification
    • Guarantors/Referees Verification
    • Verification of Address.
    Without conducting a background check, you are most likely to hire the wrong employee. One effective way to protect your business from employee potential issues is carrying out a background check on your applicants and employees. A background check is carried out on the applicants work history will give you an opportunity to know their work ethics allows you to confirm the quality of results that they achieve. Background checks are a must , no matter how long they take. This would help you get information about the person you want to hire so you can make an informed decision.
When you hire a wrong employee, they may resign or have their employment is terminated this means that the company has lost time and money.