Properly Advertising a job vacancy is key to recruiting the right employee.

Most times because of the need to hire a staff immediately a lot of CEO skip an important part of the recruitment process called the pre-recruitment process.

This is the preparation stage of any recruitment process.

In this stage, you are supposed to makes plans and prepare all the necessary things that would help your recruitment process achieve the right result.

Its like when you want to make your favorite meal there are a few things you must put in place to ensure the meal comes delicious.

Today I will be sharing with you

4 things you must do before you advertise a vacancy

1. Prepare a detailed job description:

In advertising a job vacancy, showing the duties the employee would perform is very important

A job description is a document intended to provide job applicants with an outline of the main duties of the role for which they are applying.

A job description is important it ensures that the applications received for the position closely match the needs of the role itself.

Lets look at the benefits of a good job description:

2. Determine the quality of employee you need to hire:

What quality of staff does that role require? Do you need a volunteer, an intern, a junior, mid-level or senior staff?

firstly, Depending on the sensitivity of role,  you are to decide the quality of staff you need.

For example: managerial, supervisory and mid-level roles require experienced while entry level roles may not.

Understanding this early enough will help you gain clarity before recruitment process starts.


3.Write down the skills required:

Write down a list of the skills you want them to have to ensure they would deliver value on the job.

This should be carefully done while looking at the job description.

Understanding the skills needed to carry out those duties and having them as a standard requirement.


4. Start preparing the interview:

This is where a lot of CEOs make the mistake.

The interview stage a critical to every recruitment process because this is the basis on which all the hiring decisions are made.

When it comes to interviews, it’s good to ‘be prepared.’

Just like candidates research the company, interviewers should be ready to evaluate candidates properly and promote their employer brand.

Good preparation takes time, however it allows you to evaluate candidate skills more effectively and create a positive experience for them.

Interviewers who don’t prepare their questions beforehand are missing out on the chance to evaluate candidates effectively.

To decide what you’re going to ask, firstly use the job description to determine which skills should be assessed during the interview.

In conclusion, Properly Advertising a job vacancy reduces the risk of hiring the wrong employee