5 Ways to Standout at a Job interview

Ways to Separate your Self from another Candidate
  • Show you are of Problem solver

Even the best of jobs is going to have problems that arise. The ability to solve these problems correctly and efficiently makes for a great employee. Sure, there will be some problems that you will need to take to your supervisor, but make sure you demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are a passionate problem solver.

  • Exhibit Strong Work Ethic Skills

Often employers would rather have candidates who require more training but have a great work ethic over candidates who have terrible work ethics no matter how little training they require. It doesn’t matter how well a candidate knows the hard skills required for the position, if there is a lack of work ethic and motivation, they won’t be a valuable member of the team.

  • Talk About Your Achievements

Don’t hesitate to tell your employer about achievements you are proud of. If possible, talk about specific challenges in the workplace that you have met with new and creative solutions talking about the process from noticing the problem to developing a solution to evaluating how it went.

  • Ask Meaningful Questions

An interview is not just an opportunity for hiring managers to ask candidates questions. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions. Before you arrive at the interview, do your homework and research the community. Use this information to develop specific and thoughtful questions that will not only give you

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Passion

Passion can be seen in different ways provided we love what we do so don’t be shy in letting your passion known as it might be the ingredient needed to distinguish you from the others so chose to strike up a discussion about it when the need arise


  • Revise Your Resume

Ensure that your revisit your resume so as to become conversant with all the details based on the position you are seeking That extra time spent customizing your skills based on the job posting is likely to get you noticed and get you to an interview.

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