Have you ever driven your car on 2,3 or 4 flat tires for 10 kilometres ?


 How did it feel? 


What was the impact of such action on your car and on you?


Yes whether you have an under-motivated or an unmotivated staff, they are like flat tyres you really can’t go anywhere with them.


To achieve Employee motivation, the management of the company and its employees  must be actively interested in maintaining and improving employee motivation.


What is Employee motivation: It is the enthusiasm, energy level, commitment, and amount of creativity that an employee brings to the organization on a daily basis.


When your employees are highly or poorly motivated,  you don’t need to look too deep to realize. There actions and disposition to work will tell you. 


15 signs your employees are under motivated

  1. Absenteeism or consistent late coming
  2. Constantly stressed/ bored
  3. Decrease in productivity, misses deadlines and lousy quality of work
  4. Shares little or no new ideas
  5. Poor employee retention rate
  6. Conflict with peers and superiors
  7. Sleeping at work
  8. Spend more time on social media than at work
  9. Unwilling to go the extra mile
  10. Talk down on the company
  11. Are only happy when they get an incentive
  12. Frown at performance management systems
  13. Poor work ethic
  14. Poor communication
  15. Finds it difficult to take a performance feedback


Employees who frequently portray this attitude are under-motivated as a business leader you cannot achieve your business goals with this kind of people in your team. Hence you may experience a lot of frustration which may lead to a lot of stress.


Like i mentioned earlier, getting your workforce motivated is a function of the management and employee hence you need to take a thorough look at your company and handle all the aspect of motivation that management must put in place and frequently train your employees to also take charge of their own aspect. 


This is a continuous process. However, you will always have a handful of employees that are not ready to be motivated.


Let them GO, before they rock your boat.


It can be frustrating driving with one, two or three of your tires flat. Change those tyres before you destroy other parts of your car which will cost you more.


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