How to Evaluate a Job Offer

How to Evaluate a Job Offer

Congratulations !  Your resume, cover letter and interview were successful and you’ve been offered a job. 

Or maybe you’re choosing between 2 job offers. Here are some ways to choose the opportunity that’s the best fit for you.

Know Your Value

If you’ve been job searching for some time, any job offer might look pretty amazing to you right about now. The thing is, not all companies pay the same for similar job titles. Check out what the present rate is for your job this can give you a good idea if the offer on the table is worth accepting.

Consider What You Will Learn

Consider what you’ll be doing, day in and day out, and then decide if this would make you happy. Remember, you’re ideally accepting a job offer so that you can stay and grow with the company. If those opportunities don’t exist, the job offer might not be worth your while.

Cost of Living

Cost of living should always be taking into account and while you’re calculating too. Living somewhere like Abuja and Lagos have a high-cost index so, make sure your new salary covers your expenses this should inform your decision to either accept or reject the job offer

Consider the transport cost

Most people due to the excitement of finding a new job do not mostly consider their cost of transport which later become a huge burden them, there is always a chance you’ll be facing commuting traffic at some point in the future. Be sure to map out how long your commute could be and whether this is something that would work for you.

Confirm the present state of the company

Do thorough research and make sure that the company is in a healthy position. This is important when evaluating a job offer during any times–but especially during an economic downturn. You can check out for any financial red flags you might need to worry about if your fears re confirm it would be wise to take a pass


As they say, there is no such thing as perfect. The same is true when finding a new job.

It’s unlikely that there is “the one” that will meet one hundred percent of your requirements. 

Hence, it’s essential to take a holistic approach when evaluating a job offer. 

Think about what really matters to you. Knowing your priorities and carefully assessing and evaluating a job offer will enable you to make an informed decision about whether the job opportunity will be worth your while or not.