How to standout in your work place

How to standout in your work place

“Why fit in when you can stand out from the crowd”?

To improve your job satisfaction, job security, and future work prospects, you’ll need to do things that make you stand out in a good way to your employer

Always Offer Ideas and Suggestions

Always note that your suggestion adds up value to the way things are done and might just be the needed voice to turn things around. Start within your job description to come out with ideas on how it can be done more efficiently, suggest it.

 Even if your manager balks at it, keep making suggestions wherever you can eventually, one of your ideas will gain support and you’ll make a difference at work. Sometimes the smallest ideas can have the greatest impact.

Do Not Sit Quietly in Meetings

Most meeting comprises of people who talk and people who do not. Always ensure that you contribute in way you can and at a high level. Especially during management meetings with you, they take notice of the contribution.

 And always remember that Leaders are not silent in meetings. If you want to move up in your career, you first need to be present in it.

Always exceed your Job Requirement

In whatever job role you are into going above and beyond your standard job duties will help you grow your career and also note that when customers appreciate the extra effort you put in to satisfy them its becomes a great deal for both you and the company you represent

Be Proactive

To be proactive is to anticipate problems that might arise and come up with suggestions to fix them.

Do not wait for things to happen so as be a “reactive” to them. 

Always note those moments where we know we could do more if we are chanced. 

When such opportunity present itself come up with a plan and do it (or share it with a supervisor).

Become a Part of the Company

Every company have its own workplace culture, ensure that you instill this, it makes it that much easier to become a part of your company and feel like you belong. Join a safety committee or a diversity committee or any other group where you feel you can make a great contribution.

Think budget/ Save cost

Profit is considered as the number one objective of every business so therefore always think of ways to help the company to save cost (running cost) so as to have a good profit margin this makes you an asset to the company and allows for efficient


When you add value to your organization, both you and your employer benefit. You gain knowledge, learn new skills, and use more of your talents and abilities. You’ll enjoy your job more. You’ll feel good.

When you shine at work, you’re also investing in your future. Your employer will appreciate your efforts, opening the door to promotions and earning you a glowing reference if the time comes for you to move on.


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