Just as societal norms are considered as unwritten code and compels obedience and not deviance so also is professional etiquettes designed to ease social interaction in the business environment adherence to this makes you more professional and make a good first impression of yourself.

Ensure to Say Your Full Name

As to work etiquette, all business engagement starts with an introduction. Either You are presenting your project and company to potential customers, but at first, you introduce yourself. Say your full name before extending a hand. The proper introduction has many benefits; you sound more professional; people remember and recognize you quite often. Thus, adding value to your status in a very easy way.

Understand your dress code

This can never be over emphasized. Your dressing creates a big first impression! That’s the first thing people notice when they meet you in or outside the office. You should always ensure you? First, check out what the dress code is at the event, business meetup, you’re planning to attend. Second, ensure you follow through with those guidelines. Avoid wearing sloppy and inappropriate clothing in the office. Wear what you find comfortable and what fits you best. Try to stick to classic or casual classic style.

Turn off the Phone

Our phone is the most distracting thing ever. Try to avoid answering the calls during a meeting. If the calls are important for your business, if it’s an important call then just turn on a voicemail to call back later. The point is that you must be interested in live networking and make the most of it.

Stop Crossing Your Legs

We frequently see people sitting with their legs crossed, and posture relaxed. There’s nothing wrong with it, actually, until it comes to the business environment. At business events, it may be distracting and inappropriate. Try to avoid it if possible.

Follow Office Rules

Almost every company has its own policies. Familiarize with them and follow them. It’s going to make you great at the workplace because most workers rarely pay enough attention to those rules. Remain standing until the host, most senior or oldest person has taken their sits. Be polite and don’t rush.


The workplace has seen lots of changes in recent years from an influx of remote workers to the exile of cubicles in favor of open spaces. But one thing hasn’t changed: the importance of Professional etiquettes

Professional etiquette is a set of unwritten rules that guide how people behave in the workplace. Why is this important? Beyond the obvious reason  you want people to like you  having good manners helps put those around you at ease, which leads to better working relationships.

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