Tips to Improving Performance Management

Tips to Improving Performance Management
  • Be clear and transparent

Ensure that short and mid- term objectives are communicated in a clear and transparent way to staff and team members.


  • Listen

Capitalize on the expertise of other staff / team members in establishing more efficient processes and reporting systems that can be implemented to facilitate change. Ensure that management and team leaders understand the processes involved.

  • Action Plan

Work with other team members and staff to create a SMART action plan outlining each stage of development.

  • Consider – Consider the tools and resources required to implement changes and actions identified:
  • What is the financial outlay, if any?
  • How long will it take?
  • What will the impact be on other aspects of the business?
  • Are any contingency / interim plans or processes required?
  • Delegate and Implement

Once a SMART action plan is created:

  • Ensure that staff members understand and take for responsibilities in accordance with the business vision, their role and the development process.
  • Introduce Key performance indicators that measure performance against new goals, objectives and targets set.
  • Obtain Feedback

Obtain regular feedback from staff and team members to identify areas that may require further improvement or future development.

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