Ways to Expand your Network

Ways to Expand your Network

Every fruitful reputation is based on trust. Certain connections are absolutely impossible to make until a very high level of trust and reputation is established. In a professional setting, people prefer to build business relationships with people they see as being valuable. By building a reputation as someone who is talented, helpful, and valuable, people will be more motivated to meet you and stay in touch with you.


Every relationship becomes more valuable with time. Hence, it is important not to be too desperate and quick to seek results when building a relationship. Connections is said to open doors, but relationships close deals. Networking is not just about exchanging business cards and connecting on LinkedIn. Networking is most valuable when long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships are formed. Relationships take time to build. Be patient. Stay in touch with people you like


There are two main reasons for the importance of following up: 1) Networking only produces good results when it is followed up. 2) Following up with contacts builds trust, reputation, and relationships.

Build a reputation as someone who delivers on their promises and is persistent. Follow up with people who promised to do something for you or vice-versa. Follow up on emails you send that get ignored. Do what you promised to do for others.


Always priorities helping and giving to others ahead of taking and receiving for yourself. When you help people in your network get stronger, you get stronger.

Always be willing to share your expertise and ideas.it Promote your networks and accomplishments. Be a connector. Business transactions are always mutually beneficial. One person is buying a product or service because it will benefit them in some way, and one person is selling a product or service because they can profit.

  • Ask

It is always said that the one who ask never loses his ways just as you will never know until you ask, learn to make relevant enquiry by asking the right question Ask people you want to meet up with you and also ask for advice.

  • Listen

Listening is one of the most valuable, yet commonly overlooked, skills to have in networking and in business. People love to talk about themselves and appreciate when you take a genuine interest in what they have to stay. Listening will help you to get to learn about peoples’ challenges and get to know them better, which can ultimately lead to more productive professional relationships. Ask open-ended questions, be genuinely interested, and express interest and curiosity.

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