How To Impress Your Boss

Ways to Impress your Boss

Your relationship with your manager can make or break your job performance and satisfaction. So, when you’re meeting and starting out with a new boss,

 it’s important to get off on the right foot. 

Here are 6 ways on how to Impress your Boss

Own your job

Regardless of whether it’s your “dream career” or not, you should always be fully invested in the work you’re doing. Take responsibility to be as knowledgeable about your job as you can, and think critically about ways your industry can be improved.

Think budgets

Profit, is considered the first priority of any business venture so therefore as opportunity present itself ensure that you help the company to save cost and maximize profit in so doing you would prove yourself real asset to the company

Prove you’re a team player

No matter how competitive a job role may seem to be ensuring you’re a good team player is important for any organization. 

It actually helps your case more to be supportive of your team and will certainly leave you open to more opportunities and always remember that cooperativeness is the driving force of most organization and this would show in your ability to work as a tea player

Take responsibility.

Mistake are bound to happen in the cause of making progress when it occurs learn not to shy aware from it but rather take responsibility when you make a mistake. 

Don’t be the type that blame others or make excuses owning up to your mistakes will demonstrate integrity to your boss, as well as bravery. Instead of talking about the problem think more of the solution.

Dress for success.

It is often said that dress the way you would want to be address put simply, what you wear will determine your success. 

The more professional you look, the more seriously people will take you – and the more they’ll notice you.

Know your boss.

Always ensure that you understand your boss so as to know more about their behavior, their preferences and their responses to different kind of situations it’s hard to impress someone if you don’t know what makes them tick. 

So, if you haven’t already, start paying attention to looking specifically for things and actions that seem to appeal to and impress them.


And hey look, if in the end, you weren’t able to make the relationship work or flourish that’s ok too, don’t be discouraged. You can only control your actions, and nobody else’s behavior is your responsibility and that’s the whole point of this article. If all else fails at least you know you tried and that’s what matters.

Good luck to you!

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