How To Build A Formidable Organization Through Employee Engagemen

Building a Formidable Organization Through Employee Engagement

The benefits of an engaged workforce extend to almost every aspect of business performance.

Formidable organizations understand the impact of employee engagement and invest in enabling a positive work culture.

And companies that measure and track employee engagement have a greater chance at adapting to disruption and coming out unscathed in times of turmoil. They are faster at getting teams onboard with changes because they have the systems in place to communicate clearly and set expectations.

1. Promote a seamless work experience

Employees work best when their work environment is relaxed and comfortable. Yes, a comfortable desk and chair, and a fast computer are still important. But that’s not the only thing employees want. What they want is for their manager or boss to listen to their ideas. Make people feel valued by allowing them to speak. Encourage group brainstorming sessions, and make the office open-space.

2.Take down the 4-wall cubicle

Encourage your employees to speak with each other during business hours. Allow them to work together and develop ideas in a group. In business, more brains think a lot better than one. As an entrepreneur who knows how powerful technology can be, you should already be aware of that fact. Another great tip is to make people feel like part of the team. Don’t separate them, and don’t choose one over another. Welcome the ideas of all your people, and invite them to participate and pitch their

3. Create a no-fear environment

Assure employees that your office door is open to them or that they are free to call or email you if they have questions or concerns. When employees share suggestions, listen to what they have to say. And if their ideas will lead to gains in productivity or sales, or will make the work environment more conducive, do try them out. Also, encourage them to approach you early on if they ever feel like they won’t be able to deliver as expected on a certain project. This way, there will still be ample time to figure out a solution.

4. Redefine the Work Space

Redefining the workspace is an excellent way to boost engagement. Many tech companies have open terraces where workers can relax and socialize. Google, for example, has the coolest working environment. They have a relaxation room where employees can rest, play games, and mingle. This makes them feel relaxed, and it helps them do better.

5. Competitions and Rewards

Another great way of boosting engagement is to use rewards and incentive. Some companies however can’t afford to increase wages or offer financial bonuses. Fortunately, money is not the only incentive that keeps people hooked. Sometimes a relaxed, comfortable and constructive work environment can do a lot more. Spice things up and break the daily routine! This should be enough to persuade employees to stay with your company for extended periods of time.

6. Let your employees speak their minds

Many people hate their jobs because they’re not allowed to speak their minds. They have issues and problems that must be fixed, but there’s no point in that if they have nobody to speak to. Savvy entrepreneurs know that the best way to engage a worker is to allow them freedom of speech. Who knows, maybe they have a cool idea that can boost your company bottom line? But if you don’t let them express themselves, you might never know what’s going on in their heads.



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